EcoPoxy’s color pigments consist of pigments suspended in epoxy resin which allows them to blend thoroughly into epoxy resins to make uniform colors. They are used to tint epoxy resins, as coatings, paints, gelcoats, laminating, casting or self-leveling resins. The high tinting properties enable the use of little quantities of pigment. The quantity to be used depends on the color chosen as some colors cover better than other (yellows for example need higher quantities than other colors).

Key Features
  • Mixes easily

  • Can be mixed together to develop custom colors

All Colors - 120mL_MedRes.png
  • Non Toxic

  • Low odor

Small Size   Medium Size

60 ml
120 ml

Metallic Color Pigments are special effect pigments composed of mica nanoparticles coated with various organic and inorganic colors. This creates pearlescent and iridescent effects in your epoxy pour or thin coating that will always be unique and beautiful. We’ve designed our Metallic Color Pigments to be mixed into our casting and coating resins to create an unlimited array of custom effects. The translucent nature of the pigments still allows light to penetrate the epoxy which will enhance the beauty and aesthetic appeal of your project.

Key Features
  • Multi-dimensional color hues

  • Stylish, unique designs

  • Completely customizable

  • Suitable for many projects

One Size

15 g

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